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Personal Fitness Training

Get the results you’re looking for with Cathy Morenzie as your personal coach. Her 20 years of experience in the health and fitness field with catapult you to a new level of excellence in health. Cathy’s approach to fitness will allows you to get to the core of your values so you can learn how to motivate yourself to be your best.

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My Harmonic Health Program

The Harmonic and Wellness Health Program is a 12 week on-line program designed to help your body release stored energy (fat) by adjusting your conscious and unconscious habits to produce harmonic health.

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On Line Training

Get the results you’re looking for from a personal trainer without paying for the cost of a personal trainer. Enjoy the convenience of being able to train on line while you travel.

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Telephone Coaching

Imagine if every week you received reinforcement from a coach that helped you stay focused on your goal. How powerful would your life be if you planned your meals and your exercise routine before your week even begun. Imagine if you we able to discuss your challenges and setbacks each week and then were able to put a plan in place so you don’t repeat your negative behaviors again. That’s what our weekly coaching will do. Weekly telephone calls from your coach keep you focused on goals.

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Healthy by Design- Weight Release God's Way

The Healthy by Design Program is a 40 day (6 week) Bible-based weight loss program that will not only make you slimmer, but also stronger in your walk with God.

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Workshops, Guest Speaking and Motivational Seminars

If you want to spice up your special event? Let Active Image provide your company with some rejuvenating fitness breaks, stretch breaks, workshops, fitness demonstrations, product demos and guest speaking. Adding an element of fitness will transform your event from the ‘same-old,same-old’ to an experience that your employees and guests will always remember.

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Fitness Classes

Home alone or with a few friends, organize a group at your workplace or in your building. We offer fun and challenging workouts that help you to achieve the results you are looking for. We offer a variety of classes for from beginner to advanced. So grab a friend or two and get started.

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