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How powerful would your life be if you had your own personal coach? Imagine if every week you received reinforcement from your coach to keep you focused on your goals -- to help you plan your meals and exercise routines before your week even begins. Imagine if you were able to discuss your challenges and setbacks each week and then put a plan in place which would empower you to overcome those habits which are not working for you.

With Cathy as your personal coach, you will:

Establish and take action towards achieving your goals
Take steps each week to focus on making your health a priority
Learn new ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine
Take greater responsibility and accountability for your body, actions and commitments

Receive encouragement and support to help you stick to your goals
Gain more physical and life satisfaction

Available Programs:

4 weeks (60 min.sessions)


12 weeks (60 min. sessions)


Initial consultation


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