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'I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.

- Helen Keller

Change Your Attitude Change Your Life!!!

Exercise: painful, necessary evil or life sustaining, rejuvenating energy. Your attitude towards exercise and towards life in general will determine how successful you are in attaining and sticking to your goals. Whatever you do today, purpose in your heart and mind that you will do it with an open mind and positive attitude. Remember, your attitude determines your altitude !!!

Enjoy the newsletter and have a blessed week!

Cathy Morenzie

Feature Article

Change Your Attitude Change Your Life!

We’ve all been there ... trying on clothes from 10 years ago that have mysteriously "shrunk", passing a mirror or store window and not recognizing that "other person" who turns out to be you with a few more pounds than you thought! Or what about someone giving you their seat on the subway and you suspect it might be because they thought you were pregnant ... and your child is two years old!!!

Whatever your moment of truth is -- you know it’s time for a change !

That is what happened to Amuna Baraka after giving birth to a beautiful daughter when she was faced with the challenge of losing the excess weight. So she did the smart thing -- she contacted Active Image's President and premiere personal trainer, Cathy Morenzie, who introduced Amuna to the Commitments Program!

We all basically know what to do to lose weight – healthy, balanced eating and regular exercise; however, life often gets in the way, especially with a new baby around.

With Cathy's guidance, coaching and encouragement, Amuna was able to change her eating habits and rev up her metabolism through exercise. As a result, she lost 30 pounds in three months (during her daughter's first year)! And that's not all -- Amuna feels stronger and has more energy which she needs to chase that toddler around!

Probably the most important first step is to record everything you eat. Food records don’t lie; Amuna was able to see where extra calories and fats had unconsciously crept into her diet. She also got some insight into why (behavior patterns), when (moods) and where (social situations) food played a role. As a result she made some significant changes such as changing her mindset about food, trying different foods and paying attention to portion sizes and nutrient content.

Amuna found a key piece to the puzzle was the weekly Monday morning phone calls from Cathy to review her previous week, to plan me schedule for the upcoming week and to celebrate and acknowledge her successes. Her motivator and coach Cathy gave her opportunities to share her experiences around food and to gather valuable feedback. The program also allowed her to be apart of the process, which is has empowered her and provided her with lots of resources and reading materials to draw from.

Accountability was important to help her stick to her commitments. She found a gym that had child care and started a fitness routine that was versatile, simple and achievable. She worked out 4-5 times a week on the Elliptical trainer for 30 minutes performed simple yet challenging weight training exercises -- she used her own body weight! (No excuses there! You always have your body!) Have you heard of “the plank”? Amuna has and it shows!

Amuna’s outlook has changed as well. The Active Image Commitments Program allowed Amuna to develop a clear and achievable plan for her success and has allowed her to integrate working out as a daily part of her life. She now plans her meals weekly, leans on her support system of family and friends to encourage her and most of all holds herself accountable for the things she does (and doesn’t do). “It’s the simple, subtle changes that have made a difference to me” she says. She now does things that were not part of her mindset such as taking her daughter out for a brisk walk, taking the skin off of the chicken or adding more vegetables to her plate, instead of rice. Through the program, Amuna never felt deprived. She is achieving balance in her life. She is building good, life long sustainable eating and exercising habits that she can serve as an example to her daughter.

Amuna’s advice to others: “Find a program that fits your life, make simple changes and stick to them”. “But most of all, open your mind to other choices”.

Amuna has done just that – made better choices, and as a result has lost 30 pounds to date. Congratulations Amuna !!!

Nutrition Tip of the Week

The Benefits of Protein

  • Promote weight loss
  • Increase metabolism
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Rebuild and strengthen blood, hair and organs
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Aid recovery of muscle tissue
  • Strengthen muscle
  • Prevent disease and illness
  • Improve memory and brain function

Exercise of the Week

Exercise Description:

Corkscrew with Fit-tubes

Muscles Worked



  1. Lie on your back with your hips bent at 90 degrees and your feet facing the ceiling. Wrap the band around your feet and hold with both hands. Bend your knees if you need to modify.
  2. Shift your feet and legs to the right until you are unable to hold them without rotating your hips. Now bring them back up and repeat to the other side.
  3. Finish by bringing your legs up towards your head.
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat. Keep your core tight and control your legs by using your abs and not momentum.

About Cathy Morenzie

Cathy Morenzie is a certified personal fitness trainer, fitness instructor, and Pilates instructor. She specializes in providing creative fitness solutions for people on the go. She has trained thousands of clients and trainers over the last 15 years. For more FREE tips like these, contact us or call 416-410-8517 to schedule your complimentary session. Can't fit personal training sessions into your schedule, no problem - try our online personal training and receive the benefits of one-on-one personal training at a fraction of the cost.

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