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Get the results you’re looking for from a personal trainer
without paying for the cost of a personal trainer.
Enjoy the convenience of being able to train on line while you travel.

Packed with motivation and accountability

I’d like to welcome you to my online training site where you and I will work together to create a personalized fitness program for a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one with me. Your online training program will consist of goal specific workouts, created by me and based on your fitness level, desired weight loss or weight gain, schedule, and even meal plans if necessary. Every program is packed with motivation and accountability to help you maximize your workout results!

Here’s how it works… After a detailed fitness assessment I will create a weekly training program complete with live animated photos and detailed instructions delivered right to your computer with everything you need to successfully complete your weekly fitness program. The training programs are fully printable and are convenient to take to a health club, or to train at home.

You can rest assured that each and every program will be custom tailored specifically for you. I have created thousands of comprehensive fitness programs both for my in-person and online clientele and I will do the same for you, in order to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Just look at the benefits of on-line training.

  1. Feel confident that you will receive the best program from a library of over 1,000 exercises: functional training, stability balls, machines, bands, medicine balls, hurdles, kettlebells and so much more.we will handle all the details
  2. Weekly monitoring of your progress, success and challenges
  3. On-line coach available all the time to answer your questions and share your successes
  4. Cutting edge technology - SEE the exercises in motion - the way they're supposed to be performed!
  5. Provide 100% satisfaction guarantee
  6. Receive expert advice
  7. Join a fitness forum where you will receive the latest fitness tips, recipes and articles in fitness and health
  8. Login to your own secure private training site with usernames and passwords.
  9. Track Your Progress. You can login and update you’re workout as they're completed. I will track your workouts and make changes to assure maximum fitness results! It's 100% interactive.
  10. 'Functional Training' - Stay on the cutting-edge of fitness with stability ball exercises, balance/stability and even proprioceptive exercises
  11. You will love the exclusive Animated Exercise Clips -- there's nothing to download and you can view crystal-clear exercise demonstrations in seconds from any computer (even on slow dial-up modems!)

Click here to see a demo of just how remarkable this program is.

Choose from a variety of programs:

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