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I met Cathy through the Metro Mothers' Network. I enjoyed the variety of Cathy's workouts and her fun yet professional attitude so when I started thinking of hiring a personal trainer after my second son was born, it made sense to turn to someone I already knew and liked. Plus, I was attracted by the concept of her coming to workout with me at my house, since I was taking care of my newborn fulltime, although I was wondering how we would do that since my house it isn't very big. In the end, we just pushed the toys over to one side and literally worked out in a space on the living room rug that was about 4'x6' and used Cathy's CD's in my stereo. At first my son was so young that he would sleep in the baby swing throughout the workout but as he got older I would feed him ahead of the workout no matter what his usual feeding schedule was and then he would sit in his bouncy chair or on the floor and watch us. Worst case scenario, if he was upset, Cathy would carry him in my baby carrier so that I could still have a good workout. It was so convenient! She was always punctual, very knowledgable and varied the workouts enough to keep me interested. She would bring various equipment to the house like a step and some weights and we even used the stairs to the second floor sometimes. It was always the hardest of my 3 workouts each week. Cathy also reviewed my daily food diary for the first couple of weeks and gave me a very realistic menu plan to help me lose weight. She was very supportive of my efforts and was proactive in helping me through tougher weeks by discussing eating strategies with me before holiday weekends. Within 4 months of working out with her I lost almost 20lbs! I was ecstatic with how quickly I got my old body back - quicker than after the first baby and, in some places, better! I would strongly recommend her to all my friends and especially other mothers who are at home with kids.

Linda Scipio

I hired Cathy Morenzie after taking her group classes at a Mother's Group in 2003. I realized that I needed additional support and coaching to stay in shape with my second pregnancy. My goals, at that time, were to remain healthy and functionally fit. Cathy and I worked together 1 session per week until my daughter was born. Not only did Cathy alter the program as my pregnancy advanced, she also helped me with identifying healthy eating habits that contributed to my goals. I resumed sessions with Cathy 4 months after the pregnancy and decided to work with her 2 sessions per week. Cathy once again revised my training session and together we came up with new goals. Cathy helped me realize my goals (I started also fitting back into clothes and had the energy to take care of 2 children!!), provided ongoing coaching, encouragement and support that made me realize I could regain a level of fitness that I had before the pregnancies. I would not have been able to accomplish this myself, as I needed the extra "push" at times. I also appreciated that every training session was different, I was never bored but actually looked forward to our time together and had fun. Thank you so much Cathy!

Sandra Zambon

After the birth of my second baby I was not losing weight the way I wanted to. I met Cathy at Mumnet and thought she was an excellent instructor so I decided to hire her. We worked out together 2x per week during my daughters nap time. We did aerobics, boxing, step, running and weights. I made small changes in my diet as a result of her advice- I cut down on orange juice in morning, and on all the snacking I was doing,-- I thought about what I put in my mouth because I had to write it down and Cathy would be reading it.- We worked out for almost a year and I was happy with my results. I lost enough weight to wear a bikini on a trip that my family had been planning and I was finally able to tuck my shirt in to my jeans and look good.

Went away for a few years at which point I had another baby and had to start from zero again. I called Cathy again when we moved back to Toronto. Again we exercised 2x per week. It was great because I had been inactive for quite some time- it was nice to see my body come back after not doing anything for 2 years. I also loved that I didnít have to think during our workouts-- I just follow along with her step or aerobics routines.

For me two great benefits were that Cathy always watches everything I do and checked my posture. She could always tell if my abs. werenít pulled in or if my shoulders werenít rounded. She also pushed me really hard which I loved.

Birgit Kibbel
Toronto, ON

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