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The Harmonic and Wellness Health Program is a principle based program; unlike many other program with rules, do’s and don’ts; its focus is on empowering you to change and grow into the person you were designed to be—whole and complete; lacking nothing.( Bible-James 1:4) The Harmonic Health distinctions are what make this program so unique. You’ve probably heard these expressions before in slightly different ways. They form the basis for the program. They are based on God’s universal principles for our lives and for the world. Use them to begin to radically change your life.

Distinctions of the Harmonic Health and Wellness Program

Without vision the people perish

This is a biblical principle is found in Proverbs 29:18. Determining your vision for your health will be one of the most important tools that you develop in this program. It is the difference between your success and your failure. Everything that you do will flow out of your vision.

‘It’s not what you know that makes you free; it’s what you act on’

Your power lies in your consistency- of your thoughts, words and actions. Harmonic and Wellness Health Program is designed to move you from the ‘knowing to the doing.’ Strong will-power, self-discipline and self-control may help you reach your goal, but chances are that the journey or process will not be enjoyable. Those three words alone denote struggle, up-hill battles, frustration and failure as the result. The key to success is to learn how to develop these skills from a place of love and vision instead of from a place of negativity and duress.

‘Everything is energy.’

Our bodies when broken down are formed by cells which are formed by molecules, which are formed by atoms which electrically charged particles or energy. The term energy will be used a lot. I may use the term energy to refer to weight release which is releasing stored energy; physical activity which is expended energy, unconscious energy which is emotions or internal belief systems or stress which is destructive energy.

‘Choice Equals Change’

Until you choose you fully commit yourself to your vision, you will continue to struggle. If you don’t choose what you want in life, life will choose it for you. That life is usually based on society’s standards, morals and values. You are so much more than that. You are here for a purpose. Your purpose can only be lived out if you are in excellent health. Remember that not choosing is itself a choice

‘Live consciously’

During this program you will become more conscious of what you eat, what you do and what you think. You will also start to let go of faulty programming that might not support the healthy lifestyle you choose to now live. Use the tools such as journaling and partnering to help gain awareness into your habits and attitudes. Change comes through acknowledging.

‘What you focus on expands’

Focus on how fat you are and that’s exactly what you will be—fat. Our focus will be on creating a healthy, abundant life- not on losing weight. Weight release will be the well added benefit. After this program you will understand how you can create the health you desire instead of doing, saying and thinking things that keep you stuck in your current lifestyle.

‘Everywhere you go, there you are’

Choose this program based on where you are right now. If you dislike your body now, chances are, you will still dislike it in 12 weeks. Come to a place of acceptance of where you are right now. You are magnificent and perfectly created. Regardless of what you look like, what you like or dislike about your body. Accept your body as it is right now. This program will lead you through some powerful exercises to manifest this distinction in your life everyday.

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