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Dear Clients and Friends,

They say the average person gains about 5-10 pounds between now and the New Year so this is the perfect time for you to restart your fitness program.

As the Christmas season fast approaches, many of my clients head south for vacation.

With the free time on my hands, I'm able to offer a special that will benefit myself and those of you who may be looking for gift ideas or who need a kick-start.

Last year at this time I offered my first ever Active Image sale and it proved to be so successful that I'm offering it to you again.

If you act between now and November 30, 2010 I will offer you the same discount I offered last year at this time. That is, up to 50% off on personal training sessions and Active Image Programs between now and Christmas. Iíll even allow you to stock-pile your sessions so that you can take advantage of this offer into 2011.

The only catch is that youíve got to book it by November 30, 2010. There are simply just not enough hours in the day for me to train if I extend this offer for very long.

Not only can you purchase personal training sessions for yourself but you can also purchase them for your, friends and family at this discounted price!

Check this out:
Active Image Personal training sessions:
3x per week Ė discounted from $960 to $480
2x per week- discounted from $650 to $350
1x per week- discounted from $340 to $250

I figure the best place to seek additional business is from the people Iíve done business with in the past and know my work. This means we will get right down to helping you lose those extra pounds youíve been complaining about right away or just maybe you just need a pre-winter tune up. Whatever your goals are, thank you for your patronage in the past.

Iím giving you the absolute first notice of this sale and I want you to take advantage of it. Hope to see you in December.

Call me at 416-410-8517.

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