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New Beginnings, New Strategy for Health

It’s the year of new beginnings. Are you ready to do a new thing ? As you develop your plan for 2008, purpose in your mind that this will be your healthiest year ever. Let your words, thoughts and actions reflect the glory of God. Make a declaration for 2008 that:

‘Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, therefore, you glorify God in your body.’(paraphrase 1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

We all want to be in good health however many of fail even before we get started. We let our minds convince us that it’s too hard, we don’t have the time or we don’t know how to start. In this month of mature giving, choose to give the Lord your best of everything—that includes your health. Let your words and thoughts about yourself reflect the Word and the Word only. Kick-start this year declaring the Word of God over your body and your health.

God uses an agricultural principle in the bible to teach us about giving and receiving. In the health context, the law of reaping and sowing asserts that if we sow seeds of negativity and disease in our life then that is exactly what we will have. Conversely, and thankfully, if we sow seed of love and respect for ourselves then that is what we will also have. In this context, if you constantly neglect your body, feed it McDonald's, and never give it rest then your body will retaliate against you. Take care of the gift bestowed upon you and your body will love you back by serving you, protecting you, healing you, nourishing you and glorifying God as it was designed to do.

Don’t let your mind defeat you in 2008. Declare the Word through your thoughts, words and actions through this year of new beginnings as you continue growing in excellent health. Here’s how:

  1. Make a conscious effort to not engage in negative discussions with other people about issues you dislike about yourself. Women especially like to compare cellulite, stretch marks and sagging. Avoid these topics if they are self-deprecating.—better yet, use the word of God to declare better health in your life. Declare the Word!
  2. Find creative ways to nurture your body. Rest, go for a walk, have a massage. Meditate on how your body allows you to experience life’s greatest pleasures. Focus on how your body functions- go for a workout and feel the power of your muscles working and your heart beating. Listen to inspirational music; find creative ways to stimulate all of your senses.
  3. Minimize your exposure to fashion magazines, music videos, fashion TV or anything else that presents an unrealistic view of our bodies. These images are not real. Air-brushing, make-up artists and lighting give us unrealistic body-images. Experiments have shown that people become significantly more dissatisfied with their own appearance after being shown TV ads featuring exceptionally slim and beautiful people.
  4. Ladies especially, avoid scales (1x per week maximum), mirrors and asking people if you look fat in a certain outfit. You are so much more than your body. Your mood should not be determined by a number, a faulty image or someone’s opinion.
  5. Only wear clothes you feel good in. Are you hanging on to a pair of jeans because you paid a small fortune for them but they are not flattering to your appearance? Or maybe you just haven’t rotated your clothes so you keep wearing a dumpy old shirt even though it doesn’t work for you. Get rid of it. Do an inventory of your wardrobe. Decide that you will only wear clothes that you feel good in.
  6. Stay conscious of your negative self-talk. It will take a bit of work in the beginning but you will eventually get better refocusing your thoughts. Become conscious of comparing yourself to other. This is also a form of negative self-talk. Whenever you find yourself obsessing about something you dislike about your body, say something positive to counteract the negative thought. See yourself as God sees you—perfect and complete; lacking nothing.
  7. Choose to never diet again. Dieting to lose weight is an illusive myth. 95% of dieters gain the weight back. (Barbara Cohen, Ph.D., "The Psychology of Ideal Body Image as an Oppressive Force in the Lives of Women," 1984) Once the diet is finished most dieters usually put the weight back on plus a bit more. Focus on healthy, balanced eating instead.
  8. Remember—‘it’s not about you.’ We can sometimes exaggerate our own importance. We work long hours because we feel we have to; we push out body to dangerous limits all in the name of God’s work. Someone once said ‘If there’s not enough time to do everything then we’re doing things that God has not called us to do.’ God did not call us to work ourselves to death. ‘Choose life’ says His Word.
  9. Take some time and write out scriptures that confirm your magnificence in the Lord’s eyes. You were made in the image of God and He makes only quality goods. Post it on your bathroom mirror and use it as a weapon against any negative thoughts or lies about yourself that the enemy might try to tell you.
  10. Imagine how absurd it would be if a geranium tried to be a marigold or a daffodil. Yet, we try to change our bodies to look like something God did not create us to be. Remember that you were created to be you for a distinct purpose. Revel in your uniqueness!!

Cathy Morenzie- January 2008
article written for Rhema Christian Ministries

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