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How to Sneak Exercise into your Day

On the phone

While talking on the phone, stand up instead of sitting, balance on one leg, walk on the spot, do lunges, squats or stretches. ( hold for 30 seconds)

Sitting at the computer

Replace your chair with a Swiss Ball and work your abdominals all day long. Try doing some knee lifts, shoulder rolls and chest stretches at your desk.

In the bathroom

Spice up your bathroom routine -- while brushing your teeth, balance on one leg, do isometric abdominal exercises by sucking your abs in towards your spine, stretch or do wall squats (See below).

At the table

Your chair is the perfect height for tricep dips Ö make it part of your daily routine to do 10 dips before dinner; this will tone and strengthen your triceps.

Standing in line

Hate waiting in line? Make it into time well spent as you do an invisible butt squeeze to tighten the largest muscle group in your body Ė your glutes. Repeat squeezing your cheeks together, hold for two seconds and then releaseódo this 15-20 times per day. Also use this time to practice holding your stomach in and holding your shoulders back to improve your posture.

At the mall

Do yourself a favor and find the parking spot farthest from the entrance. Remember, every little bit helps!

Learn to love housework

Not a fan of housework? Look at it as an opportunity to improve your health. Turn vacuuming into lunges; window cleaning into an arm workout and imagine the possibilities you can create with a broom!!!

Book a meeting

Who says meetings always have to be in a stuffy boardroom? Book a walking meeting and kill two birds with one stone.

Watching TV

Use commercial breaks during your favorite TV program to do push ups or abdominal exercises. Challenge yourself to improve each week. Start of by holding your plank for as long as you can.

Become inefficient

Instead of trying to carry all of your groceries, files or garbage in one trip, take some extra time and make a few trips.

Itís the small things that you do each day that will add up. See how many activities you can add into your daily routine.

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