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Newsletter: Can You Really Start Over?

Can You Really Start Over?

The theme for this year at my church,Rhema,is The Year of New Beginnings. What would you do if you could actually start the year over again with a clean slate? What would you change? Would you make as many promises to yourself? Would you be tougher on yourself? Use the last few week's of this new year to assess your success. What adjustments do you need to make do date?

Good news Ö itís not too late to make this a year of new beginnings!

Before you start, ask yourself a few questions:

Whatís been working for you?

Youíve been consistent in bringing your lunches to work.

Youíve been consistent in going to bed before 11:00 p.m.

What hasnít been working?

You committed to working out 5 times a week but havenít made it.

You committed to cut down on fast foods but your schedule was too crazy to stick with it.

What are your honest reasons for not doing what you really want to do?

Hereís where we need to get real with whatís going on in our lives. We all use the excuse of lack of time when itís more likely that weíre just disorganized, uncommitted or even too lazy. Once you can admit what the truth is, then you can actually start to deal with it.

What is the big picture?

Thereís an expression Ďdonít major on the minorsí. Your new yearís resolutions are minor unless they are tied into your overall life vision or planóthatís the major.
What is your vision for your life and how do you see your health in 10, 20 or 30 years? Thatís where you want your focus to be so that your goals for this year will have a positive impact on your health in the long haul.

I want to help you to start the year off right by offering you the first week of the Harmonic Health and Wellness Program at no charge.

In this week you will learn:

A question many of us ask ourselves is how we stay focused on our commitments. As you test drive the program you will see your commitment to yourself grow stronger as you learn more about your own body, its needs, energy levels, patterns and motivations.

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Have a Blessed Week!


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