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MyHarmonicHealth: Bonus Incentives for Joining Today!

The Harmonic and Wellness Health Program

is a 12 week on-line program designed to help your body release stored energy (fat) by adjusting your conscious and unconscious habits to produce harmonic health.

Weight release is facilitated on two levels
1. Consciously- by consistently doing healthy habits (exercise, healthy eating) and
2. By clearing the unconscious, stresses, hindrances and beliefs that keep us stuck in faulty behaviors.

Together with a team of trained professionals, the Harmonic Health and Wellness program will restore wholeness to you body so it can do what it was designed to do葉hrive ( not just survive), heal itself naturally and maintain its harmonic balance.

The program is packed with all of this:

Questions that Will be Answered

標hat are the best foods for me to eat?
標hy does it get harder to lose weight after each diet?
標hy is water so important and exactly how much do I need?
標hy do I need to cleanse?
菱ow much exercise do I need to do each day and what type?
標hat if I have an under active thyroid?
標hy do I continue to struggle with my weight?
匹an my body ever get back to 創ormal?
標ill I have to give up all the foods I love?
菱ow can I break some of the negative habits I致e developed?
標here does my faith/religion come in?
標hat if I don稚 like to exercise?
標hat makes this program different from all other program

Cost- $147.00

Harmonic Health and Wellness Special Bonuses

When you register for the Harmonic Health and Wellness program, you will also receive these incredible bonuses.

I've teamed up with my mentors and friends in the Wellness field to offer you even more.All special bonuses will be activated once your registration is complete.

Offer 1- 2 Fitness Routines- Strong to the Core-Value $29.95

Cathy Morenzie, the president of Active Image and the founder of the Harmonic Health and Wellness Program. She has been a leader in the fitness and health industry for almost 20 years. Her impact has influenced thousands of people over the years to help them lose weight and develop positive attitudes about exercise and active living.

Offer 2- 10 Secrets to Living the Life of your Dreams - $14.95 (Downloadable Copy)

If you want to have an amazing life but feel like something is still missing from your recipe for success, this book will help you along your way with straight-forward, no-nonsense advice that works.

Jan Janzen has been an entrepreneur for the majority of her life. Since she purchased her first Molly Maid franchise at the age of 19, she has tasted the joys and successes of being in business for herself and the frustrations and disappointments of failure.

Jan has a brand new book out Devil with a brief-case 101 success secrets for the spiritual entrepreneur. Click here to learn more about her book Devil with a brief-case

Img:kathybutryn.jpg Δ

Offer 3- Free 30 minute Coaching Session with Kathy Butryn- Value- $50.00

Kathy Butryn is a certified Life Purpose Coach. She is passionate about encouraging women to live their lives from the inside out, with simplicity, and on purpose. She is the author of the 典akeHeartand live your life! online devotional series. Kathy has been engaging audiences for the past 20 years.

Offer 4- 30 minute nutritional counseling session with Holistic Nutritionist Kathleen McDonald.- Value $50.00

Specializing in nutrition education, Kathleen views her mission as one of empowering individuals to make the choices that create an environment where sound health and wellbeing are a way of life.

Offer 5- Free Special Report-from Career Coach-Jeff Baldock- Value $19.95

Jeff Baldock is the founder and president of CareerSport Inc., a company and leader in the career enrichment services which helps people identify and optimize their talents for maximum outcomes.

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