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Active Image is proud to offer you a variety of programs to help you reach your weight loss goals. We offer many programs to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Browse our specific weight loss programs:

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6 Week Circuit Training Program

There's nothing better for a quick fat-burning and strength building exercise than circuit training.

In 6 weeks you can:
•Increase your metabolism so burns more calories all day long ( even when you are sleeping!)
•Build lean, strong, sexy muscle
•Watch inches melt away
•Fully enjoy your summer knowing that you look and feel great

The 6 Week Program involves:

  1. initial consultation and fitness assessment
  2. 2 week cleansing and detox program
  3. 4 week meal plan to follow
  4. option of 1,2 or 3x per week 45 min circuit training program
  5. post-program fitness assessment

6 Week Special Circuit Training Programs

1x per week (6 sessions)


2x per week (12 sessions)


3x per week (18 sessions)


My 'Secret Circuit Training Workout'



Why do we need to detoxify our bodies?

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

Cleansing/detoxification can be beneficial for those with one or more of the following conditions:

The Isagenix Cleansing System is a cleansing technology that help rid your body of toxins so that it can function as it should. This system awakens the body with 242 precious and balanced nutrients.

Visit for more valuable tips on cleansing your body from the inside.

Active Image Online

Packed with motivation and accountability

'''Get the results you’re looking for from a personal trainer without paying for the cost of a personal trainer.
Enjoy the convenience of being able to train on line while you travel.'''

I’d like to introduce you to online training where we will work together to create a personalized fitness program for a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one with me. Your online training program will consist of goal specific workouts, created by me and based on your fitness level, desired weight loss or weight gain, schedule, and even meal plans if necessary. Every program is packed with motivation and accountability to help you maximize your workout results!

Here’s how it works… After a detailed fitness assessment I will create a weekly training program complete with live animated photos and detailed instructions delivered right to your computer with everything you need to successfully complete your weekly fitness program. The training programs are fully printable and are convenient to take to a health club, or to train at home.

Click here for more information on online training.

Healthy by Design

“Healthy by Design” is founded on five Biblical principles that God has offered us to get in SHAPE. Living a healthy life requires a harmonic blend of…

Throughout the program you will understand that God’s plans for your life are far greater than you could have ever imagined. “He who trusts in the Lord will prosper” (Proverbs 28:25).

By building a relationship with God and following his intentions for your life, you will obtain a new confidence that will enable you to lose weight and become fulfilled in all areas of your life.

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