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Divine Connections

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God has given me the passion--and the privilege--
to link arms with women and
inspire them to ACTION, while providing support, encouragement and on-going motivation as
make the choice to live their life from the inside out!

Jan Janzen is a seasoned entrepreneur of 29 years, buying her first franchise at 19 years of age. She is the author of 2 books and 10 CDs that give people the tools and guidance to live their fullest potential physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.
If you liked today's issue of Creating Your Amazing Life, you'll love Jan's dynamic success training products and resources to help you grow personally as well as professionally.
Jan's philosophies that “abundance is not optional” and that “every person is here to make a contribution”, are the foundation of her work. She lives those philosophies in every aspect of her life as she lives around the world, teaching, writing, consulting and giving back through her support of micro-financing.
You can learn more about Jan and how she can help you take your life to AMAZING at

Boot Camp Classes in the Pickering Area

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At Beautiful Body Fitness, our idea of a beautiful body is a body that supports your complete lifestyle, be it emotional, physical or spiritual. A beautiful body will have you experience excellence in health, vibrant and radiant levels of energy and a positive and confident sense of self.

Our boot camps are designed to give you a cardio, strength and core workout that will continue burning calories long after the workout is complete… the essence of our formula for helping YOU define YOUR beautiful body.
call; Tel: 416-619-5255

Faith and Fitness Magazine

Faith & Fitness Magazine is a lifestyle resource to build physical and spiritual strength. It helps readers make connections between the Christian faith and their fitness lifestyle. It is your tool for powerful, healthy, and passionate living.

Daily Faith and Fitness Articles

The mission of Esteem, A Total Transformation is to educate, cultivate, and motivate the whole person through a change of lifestyle. Working with the body, soul and spirit of each individual so that they may transform into the person God intended for them to become.

Faith and Fitness Podcasts

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