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Are you a struggling with personal fitness and health?

Join us for a jam packed weekend where you will discover the biblical blueprint for losing weight, feeling great, and achieving optimal health

It's a weekend filled with inspiration, education and spiritual up-liftment to help you break through your weight release barriers. You will discover important principles to lose weight and improve your spiritual life.

On: Friday July 24- 6:00-9:30 pm and Saturday June 25- 9:00-2:00 pm
Location; 100 Merton Street ( Yonge and Davisville)
Cost: only $30.00 ( includes program manual and lunch)
Call 416 410-8517.

Weekend Outline

Healthy Eating

  • receive a 21 cleansing program designed to have you lose weight immediately
  • receive sample meal plans and menus
  • learn healthy food options

What's Eating You

  • learn how to handle emotional eating
  • learn biblical coping techniques


  • get inspired by people who have followed this method to release weight
  • receive practical scripture, devotions and advice on the keys to successful weight release
  • learn from a panel of experts


  • learn the 5 keys to successful weight release
  • learn the link between your physical health and your spiritual health.
  • learn what the bible says about health and learn how to pray for your health.


  • participate in a group exercise class designed to revv. up your metabolism and tone those stubborn areas.
  • receive an exercise program that you can complete in just 10 minutes per day.

Register today as spaces will fill up quickly!

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From the Desk of Cathy Morenzie
Certified Fitness Instructor and Life Skills Coach

Dear Friend in Christ,

Every year, millions of people try to get in shape through traditional weight loss programs, trendy diets, liposuction, or other alternatives. Unfortunately, none of these options offer you the long-term results you deserve.

Instead of looking for a quick-fix for your problems, you need to rely on the one source that has the power to change all thingsÖGod.

The Healthy by Design Weekend provide teach you:

  • Sensible Eating: Understanding Godís view of healthy eating. You will receive sample meal plans and receive a 21 day cleansing program.
  • Habits: Understanding how God wants us to live.
  • Attitudes: Understanding how God wants us to think, act, and behave.
  • Partnerships: Understanding how God wants us to handle our problems.
  • Exercise: Understanding the level of health God wants us to enjoy. You will receive a personalized program to help you lose weight and tone your body.

Not only will I show you the tools you need to discover the health and joy that God intends for your life, but Iíll also introduce exciting ways for you to apply your faith to all areas of your life.

Donít wait for another weight loss program to fall short of your expectations before your turn to the power of a Bible-based program. Sign up for the Healthy by Design Weekend course today.

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