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Preliminary Client Information

Congratulations on making an important decision towards your health and wellness. There are three simple steps to get started:

  1. Complete the online Preliminary Client Information form. This online form must be submitted at least 24 hours before our scheduled consultation. Click here to view and complete the form.
  2. Download and read the Personal Training Guidelines letter. It explains how we can continue to have a successful coaching relationship. Click here to download. (PDF file, 75kb)
  3. Download the Food-tracker Form. This form must be completed for our initial consultation.

Click here to download. (xls file)

Once you get started.

  1. Complete the Behavioral Checklist
  2. Goal setting worksheet

As a gentle reminder, I provide unlimited email support between sessions. If you have any questions prior to our first session, please call or email -> mailto:cathy [snail] activeimage [period] ca.

No eating, drinking, smoking or exercising two hours prior to our session.

Yours in Health,
Cathy Morenzie
fitness solutions for people on the go.

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